Thursday 17 January 2013

Preston University a degree mill/scam/fraud

Preston University a degree mill/scam/fraudPreston University a degree mill, the fact that each child is unique in itself and has own fantasies and mentality to learn and grasp different subjects altogether is accepted worldwide. Unfortunately, our country has not recognized this fundamental aspect of human nature which has resulted in drastic decrease at science and technological level. Students in our country are not appreciated to choose any subject or course that they might want to study. This negation cause their vibrant mind to study course that they are not interested, resulting in average or bad professional.
Fortunately enough there are still few institutes that encourage students to choose any course that they might want to study and excel their intellectual in those areas. Preston University is an example of such institute that has been serving the education need of students for over a decade now. As Preston alumni, I found it truly depressing to read false slogans of Preston University a degree mill etc over the cyber space. All that I had gained in my professional life is what I was taught during my studies in Preston University therefore, I would take the liberty to tell all the students of our country that there is no truth in slogans such as Preston University a degree mill and etc. I would also urge all my colleagues and friends from Preston University that if they find any slogan regarding Preston University a degree mill, they should immediately report it as spam and do whatever it takes to negate the false allegation.